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We  know offer the Road Test for those who hold the DE 964 form.

We are an approved Third Party Testing Center

Call to make an appointment and for the fee of testing

For more information call or click here

 G & P Community Driving School, LLC

Driving is a Skill for Life  - Good driving doesn't happen by accident!!

As a future driver or parent of a future driver, we understand just how important it is to find a driving school that is safe and offers relevant classes. While there are a lot of different driving schools out there, none are as equipped to educate you as G & P Community Driving School. G & P Community Driving School operates with the same mission: to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive driver education at a low cost with safety being an important aspect.   

Our dedicated instructors are patient, professional, and friendly. We understand that our instructors not only need to be knowledgeable about driving safety and the rules of the road but they also must be great communicators. We recognize that everyone is different and we strive to effectively communicate with our students. We commit ourselves to help making it the best experience possible. Through our patient, professional, and friendly instructors students will be guided you through the latest DMV requirements to pass your test.

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